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Magic Bookmarks is a portable bookmark manager that enables you to access all your
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Daniel Reznick
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28 January 2008

Editor's review

You might be in the habit of visiting some sites continuously and over time need to have their URL stored with you as a bookmark. With the Magic Bookmarks v1.04.3 you can now keep the bookmarks organized in a better way. Further the utility allows you to open the multiple sites through one click only. It is also safe and good to use as all users would get their own bookmarks organized in their personal files. It also lets you to have the bookmarks to be opened with any browser and not with any particular one.

Magic Bookmarks v1.04.3 has an elegant interface that is easy to use and the program stays at your system tray after installation. Moving on to the features; the Main Window shows the space that contains the bookmarks of your favorite sites. It also shows the categories that you can place for the sites. You can check the URL addresses that you can open with just one click with the option Open Marked Urls. You can easily edit the bookmarks with the provided options on the menu bar. Add/change the User for having the favorite sites bookmarks according to the specified users. Settings option is there to make the required changes; you can make the selection for the Desired Browser that you want to use for opening the URL. You can also have the program started minimized and select the language. You also get the Organize Window that contains the ‘Category’ and the containing URLs. The software is also compatible to be used with USB flash disk, etc for portable purposes so that you can have the bookmarks wherever you require them.

Magic Bookmarks v1.04.3 supports multiple users, helps to manage the URLs with specified categories and has a range of innovative features that earns it a score of 4 rating points which it truly deserves. The utility is a sure way to improve your surfing experience.

Publisher's description

Magic Bookmarks: It allows the user to save his favorite sites in very organized way and allow opening multiple sites from the same category in one click only! (Instead of opening each site at a time). Another important value is that each user got its own Bookmarks organized in its personal file under its user, and the switching of the user is done by two mouse clicks! Also Magic Bookmarks keeps the favorites organized without any bind to any Browser (at any time you can open the bookmarks in FireFox and a second after you can open them in Internet Explorer), its simply keeps all the data to it self, and allows to open the desired sites with Internet Explorer, FireFox or Opera. The organization process of the favorites became very simple and fast, and not bounded to any browser.

*) Multi user support (each user can have its own completely personal bookmarks).
*) Very Powerful Tray Icon mode (full control over the bookmarks)
*) FireFox, Internet Explorer and Opera Support.
*) Its possible to import your bookmarks from FireFox Internet Explorer and Opera.
*) Perfect for portable purpose (USB flash disk, etc'), you can keep your bookmarks with yourself anywhere you go.
*) The program currently got 2 supported interface languages: English and Hebrew, and got some other nice features.
Magic Bookmarks
Magic Bookmarks
Version v1.04.3
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